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Ugly carrots, and meal on the cheap

In my neck of the woods, we’ve recently had a newer grocery store open. It’s a No Frills, and I *love* it. It’s much smaller than a Superstore (all same chain in Canada), it’s still new and clean, and has great deals. The other week, I found asparagus there at $1 a pound, which is unheard of in the other stores.

After picking my kids up from school, we stopped in the other day to pick up some groceries. Side note – my kids are now actually helpful in a grocery store. Not only can they pack bags, they can grab things in other aisles easily.

I was super excited to find some great deals, including some marked down buns and Italian sausage. Then I found the ugly carrots. I love finding “less than perfect” produce, and am so glad that stores are now selling it, and it’s often a) not that ugly, and b) a great price reduction.

So, I picked up a 10# of carrots, for $3.99, only 50 cents more than the “pretty” 5# bag.


These became part of our meal. I diced and cooked the Italian sausage with some onion and red peppers, and a can of plain tomato sauce. Added some basic spices, while boiling up some of the ugly carrots. Then I drained the carrots and added to the sauce. Served on the buns, with some shredded parmesan cheese. It was like Sloppy Joes with an Italian influence – Sloppy Giuseppes!

Delicious, AND inexpensive. We had these with sliced raw vegetables and a green salad.  I would even add in some shredded zucchini next time.

The bowl of leftovers:





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