About me

I’m a mom.

I have three kids.

One’s a teenager, the other two are nearly there as well.

They are all adult-sized, and eat like it.

I’m trying to feed them (and the husband, and heck, even myself) good meals, that aren’t super expensive. Which is getting harder as prices go up.

We like flavours and tastes and textures of all sorts.

I don’t “eat clean” (not even sure how to define that!). I don’t follow any special diet, even though I have a history of avoiding carbs. I don’t embrace all organic. I embrace variety and balance. My family complains that I buy ingredients, not always “food”, and I consider that a compliment.

I’m Canadian, in a major city, where I didn’t expect to live, but I now love it.

I often consider making meals to be a balance of an art form, and an expression of love to my family. I’m not crafty in other ways, for the most part, so this is often my main medium. Delicious, delicious medium.