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Back in my kitchen

I just spent a couple of days in the post-Easter haze on a mini-getaway with my husband. You know, Easter, where my husband has lots of work, and I hosted a dinner for 12, aaah, relaxing. HA! Anyhow, we had such a great break from real life, work, kids, and cooking. We had some amazing… Continue reading Back in my kitchen

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Tortellini soup

I had the idea to do a tortellini soup, but didn't have the right ingredients for the two recipes that were in my head. So I made one up. And my family inhaled it. It was quick and easy. olive oil dice onion (1/4 cup or so) 2-3 cloves garlic, minced 1 can tomato soup… Continue reading Tortellini soup

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Spiralized Vegetables

I love spiralizing vegetables (is that even a word? eh, it is now). I first discovered them from a local food truck that made vegan dishes. Spiralized yellow and green zucchini noodles, raw, made for an amazing lunch! I was inspired to make my own. I like having lower carb, vegetable dishes as part of… Continue reading Spiralized Vegetables

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First post – Muffins!

I used to bake a LOT. Since moving to a larger city nearly 4 years ago (what? what??), I've baked less and less. Tonight, I felt "bakey". So I did. The kids and I picked up these salted caramel chips at the grocery store the other day, and I wanted to do something with them.… Continue reading First post – Muffins!